The Preamble to the United States Constitution: We the people.

Consider: We the body. (or we the marriage, we the family).

How do I be The Body. How do I fulfil my part so as to honour Jesus Christ my Saviour?

When we become part of the Body of Christ it is a blessing but we have responsibilities. 1 Corinthians 12:1, 12:12-27 (NKJV)

The emphasis is on oneness!

One body, One Spirit, many members yet one body. Paul says if there was only one member how would the body function?

In the Body of Christ, we have the DNA of Christ. The first and foremost thing that was lost by the fall was the intimate fellowship man had with God.

The main purpose of redemption and restoration is to restore that relationship.

The second thing that was lost in the fall was the depth and quality of the fellowship that man was to have with his fellow man. Jesus came to restore what Adam had lost and more. We have relationship with God and man because we are linked by the Spirit of God.

God intends unity, a oneness made up of many.

What if every Christian functioned in the body the way God has joined them together.

What stops the body functioning?

1. Cancer: division within the body.

2. Disconnection: when people withdraw from relationship with God and fellow Christians.

3. Distractions: we are busy. Tv social media etc. Drawing us away from our fellowship with God which also draws us away from

The Body. Satan is the master at creating the division in The Body.

We need to resist. 1 Peter 5:8

God has joined us together in this Church as a part of His greater body so we can function together. Christ is the head.

We are to be obedient to Him.

Consider Hell. Do you want that for somebody you love, your neighbour, friend, work mate?

Determine to be a functioning member of the Body of Christ.

It is a great privilege. This Church can only go forward in the Kingdom of God if we function as the Body of Christ and be led by Jesus in humble obedience.