A life journal is a powerful next step in Christian living. It will equip you to understand and unpack God's word and apply it to your everyday life in a simple and effective way.

Below are some steps to get you started, as well as a downloadable reading guide to complete the Bible in a year.

Time alone with God

God promises us this His plans are good (Jer 29:11), He wants us to be blessed abundantly (2 Cor 9:8) and He knows us better than anyone else (Ps 139).

When we are born again, we are not alone. Jesus sent The Holy Spirit to be with us – be our friend and helper – everyday and everywhere we go. In every moment and every decision, you make, God is there for you and wants to help you. He wants to help us mature and grow in our understanding of Him.

God desires to speak to you every single day. The question is, are we willing to listen? Journaling from God’s word is an opportunity to help us tune into his voice.

The SOAP Method

Write the scripture down that stands out to you.

Write down observations that you make, what jumped out to you?

Ask yourself how these observations can be applied to your life.

Communicate with our Heavenly Father your desires from these applications.

Setting up your Life Journal

Buy yourself a journal

We encourage you to buy a brand new journal or notebook that can be completely dedicated to being your Life Journal.

Prayers: Requests & Answers

We recommend you dedicate some space in your journal to write and record prayer requests and praise reports.

Bible Reading Plan

Following a reading program is important for accountability, discipline, and for systematic instruction in God’s Word.

Download your Bible Reading Plan

Click on the button below to download your personal 'Bible in a Year' reading plan.

Download Reading Plan